Is Building a Brand Name in Japan Difficult for Foreign-Owned Companies?

Japan has its own particular business customs, and it has been said that foreign companies find it difficult to make inroads into the Japanese market. It has also often been said that building a brand name in Japan from scratch takes considerable amounts of money, but in the end may have no effect whatsoever. Nevertheless, because of factors such as Japanese government policy that promotes foreign investment in Japan, and increases in foreign-based funding of Japanese companies, in this day and age there are Japanese people who are looking at companies not only with an experienced eye but also from a global point of view. In this environment there has not only been an unusually large increase in the number of transnational foreign firms that have made their way into Japan, but we have also witnessed the establishment of Japanese corporations by foreign-owned medium-sized companies that are distinct from the large corporations. Although Japan's economy is at present experiencing a low level of growth, there is no doubt that many potential opportunities do exist within the Japanese market, which accounts for about 9% of global GDP. Now is the time to seize the opportunity to move into the Japanese market, and to build a brand name.

Wellenetz Inc. is a company that builds brands, but it is not a brand-building firm like the many advertising agencies and publicity agents that have existed in Japan until now. The main objective of companies of that ilk is to sell advertisements to clients, and for clients that do not require that kind of service, there is a danger of conflicts of interest, and of a waste of financial resources.

Our own policy at Wellenetz, as an independent brand-building firm, is to do things "in the best interests of the client." We connect what is the "ideal" on the corporate side with the "expectations" on the customer side so as to build brands that can strategically penetrate into Japan. Let us together create a company that can succeed in the Japanese market, and which by means of its competitive strategies can appeal to customers on the basis of its strengths, and which can discover ways of creating a distinct image. We are a professional company that has already been involved in building brands for more than 4000 Japanese companies.

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